About Us
Köhler Electricity Meters Co. Founded in 1984 and started production activities in Küçükköy - Gaziosmanpaşa. Measuring the electrical energy accurately, which is an integrated part of our daily life and industry, is very important for TEDAŞ and its affiliated organizations as well as EPDK and users. Köhler Three-phase and mono-phase mechanical electrical meters are produced in our country with the state-of-the-art technology. Köhler meters with 3 years of factory guarantee strengthened its leading position in the sector obtaining TS-EN-ISO 9001 quality system certificate. The parts of KÖHLER brand mechanical electrical meters produced as three-phase active reactive and mono phase meters are resistant to corrosion, theelectrical shocks and temperature rises as ensuring safety of humans. The meter offers state-of-the-art technology for preventing illegal use. It is impossible to intervene to the meter without breaking its seal. Thereby, KÖHLER exported a high quantity of electrical meters with limited exporting facility and has become a supplier meeting half of the domestic demand, which corresponds to about 1.200.000 pieces. According to a circular of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources announced on the Official Newsletter on 08.12.2000 and af-fected on 8.12.2001 use of electronic electric meters has become obligatory. Conducting R&D activities since 1996 in electronic electric meters, KÖHLER has immediately been engaged in electronic meter production following its experience in production of mechanical meters and realized its first production in February 2002. The sever earthquakes and the following regressions in construction sector in our country have also decreased production of electric meters. Making use of electronic meters obligatory and amending the standards frequently caused that many factories producing mechanical electric meters should be closed. In spite of all such negative developments, Köhler maintained its market share. It has widened its production range and has become respondent to the needs of consumers from all sector by producing all types of meters used in Turkey. It was bought by Alto Holding in 2003. The company moved its factory to a building of Alto Holding A.Ş. at Akçaburgaz Mah. 58. Sok. No:3 Esenyurt in October 2006. In addition to the headquarters in Istanbul Karaköy and the factory in Esenyurt, the company also has Regional Directorates and technical services in İzmir, Ankara and Adana.